World’s Most Incredible – Zip line

Pokhara is an adventure paradise, offering activities such as paragliding, trekking, mountain biking, cannoning, rafting, kayaking, jungle tours and much more. Recently another form of adventure has been introduced in the region, the World’s Most incredible Zip line, Zip- Flyer.

The Zip- Flyer is not just another zip line. At a 56% incline, 1.8km in length, a 2000ft vertical drop and a speed of over 140kmph, makes this the most adventurous ride in the world. A ride of this magnitude has never been built before and this ride is definitely a unique experience.

This system by Zip- Flyer LIC, USA is designed with the most advanced technologies, creating a state of the art zip line. Every part of this ride is creatively designed to provide unparalleled performance, precision engineered and manufactured to equal or surpass ANSI- B77 Tramway, ASTM and TUV SUD codes.

The moment of madness, the feeling of utmost excitement, the sense of being free! Flying through the clear, beautiful and picturesque surroundings with the Annapurna range ahead and the dense green forest canopy below it is set to be the best adventurous experience.