We offer 3 tasty meals while on trek, on a mountain biking tour in Bhutan or on a cultural tour (break-fast, lunch and dinner).


All the hotels we use are comfortable, clean and offer all the amenities required. We have carefully selected the best hotel in Paro, Tiumphu and major cities of Bhutan for you and your group. If you would like to select your hotel, please let us know and we'll book everything for you.


We use comfortable and well-maintained vehicle. We ensure before leaving on a trip our vehicle are double-checked properly by our driver or maintenance staffs. Your security is our main concern and you can be sure to have a safe trip with us.


During the summer, you should expect some light rainfall especially in the south of Bhutan. In the winter time, the temperature can drop down to -6 degrees Celsius while in the summer time the temperatures reach an average of 25 degrees Celsius.

The best time to travel in Bhutan is during the Spring (March, April and May) as days are warm and clear.


Bhutan is accessible by air and by road.

All visitors must hold passport and valid visa. Visa can be obtained at the Bhutanese diplomatic missions and consulates abroad. Visa is also issued at the entry points. Don't forget to bring 4 ID pictures and US$ 40.00 (payable in hard currency) for a tourist visa. It will allow you to stay 14 days in Bhutan.


As vaccination requirements change frequently; we suggest you consult your doctor at least 2 months prior to the commencement of your trip. We recommend protection against malaria, tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis and polio.


Before joining the tour we recommend you take your travel insurance. This should include adequate cover for baggage, medical expenses, cancellation, helicopter evacuation and emergency repatriation. If you do not have travel insurance you must have a credit card with at least a US$ 5000.00 limit.

Personal expenses

We do not pay for your personal expenses and recommend you to bring extra money to cover meals not included in the tour, extra activities, souvenirs, tips etc.

Travelling Responsibly

Wonderful environment of the Himalayas is also an extremely fragile one. Increasing population density and number of travellers threatens to destroy the very beauty which attracts us in the first place. At Explorer Nepal, we are extremely environmentally conscious and aim to minimize our impact as much as possible. Our staff members are well motivated towards Eco-friendly practices. Our aim is to help protect and preserve this beautiful environment for future generations of travellers to enjoy.


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